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QuickTide south west QuickTide south east QuickTide north All three versions
£11 + £2.70 postage £11 + £2.70 postage £11 + £2.70 postage £33 + £3.70 postage

south west + north
south west + south east
north + south east
£22 + £3.70 postage £22 + £3.70 postage £22 + £3.70 postage

Online orders are usually processed within 48 hours. However, please allow up to 14 days for delivery. If you have not then received your QuickTide(s), please email duncanogi@aol.com or call Duncan Ogilvie on 0117-973 6688.
Items are delivered by Royal Mail Airmail. They fit through a normal letter box if you have ordered 20 or fewer!! - No Value Added Tax! The charge will show on your bank or credit card account as from W Duncan Ogilvie -- "W Duncan Ogilvie" is Duncan Ogilvie, the inventor and publisher.